Providing an interpretation of the energies
of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   



Ready to get up and go, Sagittarius has a zest for life and is on the look out for their next adventure. This sign is always on a mission as their curiosity and pursuit of discovering new things keeps them active. The keyword for Sagittarius is “I see” and they have a thirst for knowledge. Ruled by expansive Jupiter they see the bigger picture in life and always want to broaden horizons. With a philosophical approach to life this sign thinks on a deep and profound level. They like to travel far and wide and even if it’s only in their thoughts, as they are natural born explorers seeking to go beyond the limit. Being a fire sign, they have a sharp sense humour and can be blunt and truthful but they can also be quick to jump to conclusions – so, if you play with fire you will get burnt! Depicted as an Archer with a bow, once they have their eye on the goal they will take whatever risk necessary to meet their target.Enter your page here