Providing an interpretation of the energies
of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   



As the last sign of the zodiac Pisces has an ethereal feel as they operate on instinct and a subconscious level. Receptive to people’s thoughts and moods, this intuitive water sign can adjust and blend into almost any situation. The keyword for Pisces is “I believe” as they are spiritual and tend to have utopian-like beliefs. Renowned for a vivid imagination they can be poetic or artistic however, if there is no focus they can also be hopeless daydreamers. Symbolised by two fish swimming in different directions there is something of a dual nature about them. With their chameleon-like quality they seem easily influenced, but they’re also difficult to pin down! Ruled by compassionate Neptune, they are sensitive and sympathetic, but being prone to escapism can be bring a vague or uncertain energy, which is neither here nor there. Pisceans have humour and charm but never underestimate them, as there is more than meets the eye.