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of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   



Ruled by the Sun, this playful and highly energetic summertime sign enjoys the spotlight and needs to shine! The key phrase for Leo is “I give” and no one in the zodiac can be more generous than this gregarious sign. Symbolised by the powerful Lion, once this proud and majestic sign is on a mission, they will not stop at nothing - but give them a bit of attention and they turn into pussycats! This sign is quite creative and like to expressive themselves. However, they can be bossy if they don’t get their way so be prepared for a dramatic display! As a fire sign, they are positive, and quick to take action as this enterprising sign isn’t afraid to take a gamble in life. Even though Leo’s impulsive nature could land them into trouble their good intentions and heart of gold can quickly charm their way out of any situation. Enthusiastic in everything they do, this theatrical sign will win you over every time.