Providing an interpretation of the energies
of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   



When the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, it marks the occasion of the summer solstice – another cardinal point in the sky. The key phrase for Cancer is “I feel” and this deeply sentimental sign is best known for being compassionate and warm-hearted. Being ruled by the Moon they are reflective, nostalgic and have strong ties with the home and family traditions. They crave a close family bond and will stop short of nothing to provide for their brood. They are very protective and can even be defensive at times much like the Crab who wears a hard shell of armour to hide its vulnerability. As a water sign, they use their instincts to make decisions and need to live in a steady, secure world to function best. They go into the world with caution and it takes what could seem like ages to build up trust, but once they feel comfortable with a person or situation, they are likely to stick around for a very long time.