Providing an interpretation of the energies
of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   



This quirky sign needs to express their individuality as they have their own distinctive brand of personality. They enjoy being part of a group or community as they work best for a greater cause and thrive from the company friendship can bring. The keyword for Aquarius is “I know” and the forward thinking Water Bearer acts as a distributor for unique ideas inspiring others with their unorthodox logic. As an air sign, intellectual pursuits appeal to them and their original thought and innovative ideas keep them one step ahead of the pack. However, such unconventional views can cause a stir and when push comes to shove they can be incredibly set in their ways! Ruled by eccentric Uranus, they aren’t afraid to break the rules and like to unleash their inner rebel. Non-judgemental Aquarian believes in the Universal Law and treats everyone as an equal but they can become distant if people become too dependent on them.